Ocean Liferaft

The new range of Avon Ocean Liferafts is designed to comply with ISO 9650 standard (Type 1 Group A), as well as ISAF most recent Offshore Special Regulations for mono and multi hulls category 1 and 2. The Avon standard Ocean-going Liferaft has many features, including very safe boarding, more internal headroom, and greater night time visibility.

Features include

  • Square shaped inflatable boarding ramp
    + webbing bridle inside to ease entry
    into raft
  • Bright red high visibility self-erecting
    canopy with retro reflective tapes, and
    rainwater collecting system
  • Wraparound webbing system (patented)
    including bright colour lifelines, and high
    resistance towing point
  • Automatically activated lighting: inside
    and on canopy arch, with battery-save
  • Double entrance, with roll-up flaps
    including zip-up and velcro tie fastening
  • Large weighted stabilizing water pockets
    (240 litres)
  • Upper and lower independent butyl
    buoyancy tubes
  • Self-bailer system
  • Sea anchor - 100’ (30 m) line




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